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The DME Sports Academy student-athletes are awarded scholarships based on their need for financial assistance.

The DME Sports Foundation provides funding to assist student-athletes participate in advanced sports teams and training. The strong emphasis in sports and teams is of the utmost importance. It instills so many positive values that translate into adulthood including character, work ethic, goal setting, time management, healthy lifestyle, confidence, leadership, professionalism, self-improvement, teamwork, personal responsibility and respect.



To be determined.

Application Process

  Fill out online application.

  Most recent 1040, 1040a, or 1040EZ tax return (omitting all schedules and forms).

  Student-Athlete to provide 1000 word or less statement detailing the following information:

- Overview of yourself.

- Why this scholarship is important to you?

- Why DME Sports Academy?

- What are your future aspirations?

- Share any academic or sports honors, if any, you have earned in the last 3 years.


What can be funded?

Activities at DME Sports Academy, including:
- Athletic camps.
- After-school athletic activities.
- Athletic training.
- Travel for an athletic endeavor.
- Education classes directed towards the athletic industry.

How much can be funded?

Amounts vary depending upon financial need.

Who can apply?

Individuals between the ages of 8-21 with a financial need to enroll in a DME Sports Program or Academy.

Do I need to reside in Florida to obtain a scholarship to attend DME Sports?


What is the process to apply?

Fill out the online application and provide all documentation by the deadline.

Can I apply for multiple grants in one year?

No, only one per year.

Is there a deadline?



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    The DME Sports Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation, supports student-athletes, in financial need, interested in participating in the advanced sports training, teams and education, through the DME Sports Academy.

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