The mission of the DME Sports Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation, is to fund educational and athletic scholarships across recreational and competitive youth sport programs, within the Florida community, for students or athletes who are motivated to accept life-changing opportunities for higher learning and professional-level sports mentorship.


The DME Sports Foundation works hand in hand with our main campus at DME Academy in Daytona & satellite soccer organization, DME Academy, Sarasota to achieve these goals. We continue to expand our ambitious program by cultivating scholarship funding through dynamic relationships with academic advocates, professional athletes, and many business associates from around the globe.

Who Are We?

The DME Sports Foundation is a group of like-minded community leaders who have come together to further the worthy causes of education and sports mentorship. We believe that nurturing the learning potential, social skills, teamwork and enthusiasm in kids from around the world is a task we must continue to prioritize.

Because of direct efforts by the DME Foundation, students and athletes have found the hope and support to flourish in our Florida facilities and through our state-wide programs in a home-like atmosphere with devoted staff members that embody family values. The cold, hard facts are that without emotional, spiritual, and financial support, a child cannot achieve the level of self-assured success possible throughout his or her lifetime without the proper tools to maximize the boundless potential of youth.

What We Do

The road to success gains momentum one mile at a time. DME Sports Foundation’s leadership team is dedicated to rolling up our sleeves to build awareness that our ambitious goals are truly vital for this community, both today and tomorrow. To effectively accomplish our mission, we adjust our methodology when necessary, and measure our programs’ effectiveness by the numbers so it’s easy to stay on point. Your donations are utilized exactly as specified which is an integral part of our ongoing attempt to build an unbreakable trust with the Florida community. Ultimately, sharing success stories about the outstanding student athletes that thrive in our key programs points to the realization that our mission is worthwhile.