Family is the source for the contagious passion for sports that founders Mike and Dan Panaggio bring to DME Sports. They were introduced to basketball as children by their father Mauro Panaggio. The brothers cultivated a lifelong love and appreciation of the sport which drove much of their success both on and off the court. Dan followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a top flight basketball coach himself and enjoying an illustrious career that has stretched over 40 years. He has excelled at every level of the sport, working with top high school players and college talent, including some of the best minds in the game like Hall of Fame coaches Phil Jackson and Tex Winters.

Meanwhile, Mike Panaggio took his talents off the court and into the world of business where his entrepreneurial expertise in marketing and sales has yielded a tremendous amount of sustained success. Dan and Mike’s hard work and passion have allowed them to realize a lifelong dream of building a first class sports training and development facility that serves talented individuals from around the world.

In the spring of 2016, the Panaggio brothers took another big step and partnered with Lance Blanks, a seasoned member of the NBA family who has enjoyed success as both an NBA player and an executive. In a short period of time, the new trio joined forces to build training and development systems designed to meet the needs of athletes looking to maximize his or her talent. DME Sports offers top level athletic development training, life skill mentoring focused on personal excellence as well as team building and the realization of reaching ones goals in their unique academy in Daytona Beach, Florida.