No Strings Fundraising

No Strings Attached is a new, and most unique, way for advertising local businesses in the Volusia and Flagler county area. The program is named "No Strings Attached" because each offer is easy to understand. There are literally NO STRINGS ATTACHED to your offer. For local businesses that have an interest in supporting DME Foundation and our mission to support youth sports, or are just looking for a new way to bring in additional customer revenue, we believe this program will exceed your marketing goals. We want you to help us create an offer that will be exciting and attractive.

For the business there are:

  • No art costs.
  • No print costs.
  • No commissions or advertising fees of any kind.

For the customer:

  • An offer that is clear and concise.
  • No hidden or hard to understand disclaimers.

Your offer will:

  • Appear in 2,000 No Strings Attached books.
  • Books will be sold for $100.00 as a 501C donation to the buyer.

Your business will appear in our:

  • DME Sports Academy marketing materials.
  • Our DME Sports Academy web site.
  • DMESA newsletters.